Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Fan GirlWhoo-hoo! I have just finished reading Fangirl.I have been devouring the book for about four or five days now (maybe even less…whoops!) and I am so happy to have finished. I mean, that is the best and worst part of a book isn’t it? I was first introduced to Rainbow Rowell after the massive popularity of Eleanor & Park (which, by the way, is a FANTASTIC book that I might have to review one day). I fell in love with Rowell’s characters and writing styles, so I was super excited to read more of her novels. Let’s just say, I wasn’t disappointed!

If you enjoy romance, sassy characters and fanfiction, there is a good chance that Fangirl is for you. Following a college freshman who writes fanfiction,  Rowell weaves an intricate while seemingly “simple” story. Throughout the novel, Cath faces typical freshman or college issues such as roommates, family troubles, grades and balancing a social life. However, these topics do not seem like a burden when reading them from Rowell. Instead they flow and weave and before you know it, you are captivated. Cath is a lovable character whose flaws and anxieties will become your own. Follow her as she learns about the important things in life and discovers herself.

Blatantly, I fell once again for Rowell’s characters and, especially, her romance. Can I just say, Rowell, stop giving me such high expectations! Where are these men you write about? But I digress. I will admit, although somewhat hesitantly, that I did enjoy Eleanor & Park more than Fangirl. While I loved the romance, characters and action in Fangirl, I often became lost and somewhat confused by the inclusion of fanfiction and long excerpts from the Simon and Baz novels. I found it distracting and unnecessary. To be honest, I kinda flipped pages when it showed up because it bored me. I wasn’t there to read about Simon and Baz! I wanted Cather and Levi. Jeez. Anyways, I forgive Rowell for this. Mainly because despite the intrusions, she still does a hell of a job captivating my heart. I gotta give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars. I just have to. Because let’s be honest, this is not the last Rainbow Rowell book I will read.

Common Sense Media Rating: 14+ yrs

Flags: drinking references, sexual references, cursing


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