Lock In by John Scalzi

lockinscalziAfter a long period of time, I finally picked up another Sci-Fi book! When I first discovered my love of reading, sic-fi was my go-to genre. I love the inventive worlds and the escape it provides. After seeing many good reviews of Scalzi’s Lock In, I let myself rediscover the joy that sic-fi brings me.

It is Agent Shane’s first week on the job as an FBI agent and already, things are out of hand. In a world where meningitis has caused altered brains and, in some cases, locks people into their own bodies, there is a shift in the way that people live. While some humans are never affected, those who experience lock in must use threeps or robots to get around. Things seem great until the government decides to cut down on the funding which supported people who lived with the illness. Now, things have done awry. Strange events begin to occur. People are dying. Can Shane and his partner, Vann, discover what’s happening before it is too late?

So, I did the best with the summary. In all honesty, you can’t even begin to describe this book in one paragraph. There is so much background information, BUT that is what makes this book so great. This book is definitely a page-turner. The chapters seem to fly by and you find yourself quickly immersed in their world. The only challenge I found with this novel is there are a lot of characters introduced very quickly. At times, I found myself confused with all the different names and felt a little lost. However, most of the time, Scalzi made it easy for the reader to follow along. Because of this, I give the book a 4 out of 5. This is one of those books you won’t regret picking up and, actually, it will get you thinking. At least, it got me thinking! Technology can be a scary thing…


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