Landline by Rainbow Rowell

landlineI have been looking at this book for quite some time. After finding out that Rowell has published some adult fiction, I knew that I had to read it. So yes, this is my second Rowell book this summer but there is no shame in that!

Georgie has always dreamed of writing and producing her own show…and that dream is about to happen. Unfortunately for Georgie, though, in order to make this dream happen, it means not joining her husband and two kids on their family trip to Omaha for Christmas. Everything seems to be okay at first but Georgie quickly realizes that her husband, Neal, isn’t happy with her. In an attempt to try to repair things, she calls Neal from an old rotary phone in her childhood home but the person who picks up on the other line isn’t who she expected… This phone seems to take Georgie to the past. Is there any way she can fix her marriage? Or does interfering with the past make more problems?

This book is a fast, fun read. If you are looking for a summer read for the pool or beach, this is definitely for you! Like all of Rowell’s books, you will find that the characters are unique and slightly quirky. They are a couple you can relate to and a marriage you can look up to. It’s real. It’s raw. I give this book a 5 out of 5. I was captivated by this relationship. I loved that the romance wasn’t a stereotypical/fantasy marriage. Despite this, the book was still upbeat and hopeful. Rowell has once again impressed me.


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