Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Wonder-by-R.-J.-PalacioI am always reminded, after having not read for a while, how great it feels to escape in the pages of a great book. This one in particular was actually a reading assignment for a class and I’m so glad it was. It really enjoyed it and may have even shed a few tears.

August Pullman is about to enter fifth grade, but this year is going to be radically different. Having been born with a facial deformity, August has undergone several plastic surgeries over the years, but his face is still a sight to be seen. Because of the stares he usually receives and the care he has needed over the years, this will be August’s first year in a real school. R.J Palacio’s story, Wonder, is about Auggie’s amazing and brave journey through fifth grade. It will have you cringing, laughing and crying as your experience his journey.

I really loved this book for many reasons. First of all, I think Palacio did a great job of writing from different perspectives and really allowing the reader to step in their shoes. Second, the story is raw and powerful. The message isn’t just about those with disabilities, but about what it means to be a person in general. We can all relate to this story in some way. I give this book a 5 out of 5. If you are looking for a book that tells a story of bravery, kindness, hardship and friendship, then this is your next book.

Common Sense Media Rating: 11+ yrs