Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Attachments.jpgFirst summer read of 2016! I was very excited to dive into another Rainbow Rowell book. I am a huge fan of the other books I have read by her, and I expected this to turn out the same. However, like most authors, not every novel is a gem.

Attachments in the story of Lincoln, a nerd obsessed with school, who lives at home with his mother and has an IT job at a newspaper. The time is 1999 and everyone is awaiting Y2K. Part of Lincoln’s job is reading through flagged emails. He checks them for content and sends disciplinary messages when necessary. However, Lincoln starts to get hooked on the emails between two employees, Jennifer and Beth. After awhile, Lincoln begins to fall for Beth. But how would that ever work? “Hello, my name is Lincoln. I have been reading your private emails.” Throughout the novel, emails are exchanged and the possibility of a relationship grows smaller. So will he ever be able to make his move?

Yeah, I really wasn’t a fan of this one. Honestly, it took way to long to get to the meet of the story. I enjoyed the emails between Beth and Jennifer, but every time the perspective got back to Lincoln, I was falling asleep. More than halfway through the novel, Rowell gives you a glimmer that things are going in the right direction. But honestly, it isn’t enough. I needed something to move faster, and I needed to see more of a climax. I was really disappointed by this one. I have to give it a 2 out of 5. Maybe next time, Rowell.


2 thoughts on “Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

    1. Oh okay, I will cut her some slack then! I loved Eleanor & Park, Fangirl and Landline, so it shocked me that this one didn’t hit home. Thanks for the info!

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