The Color Purple by Alice Walker

purple.jpgCelie is an African-American woman living the life that was pre-determined for her. Forced marriage. Incest. Beatings. Separation from her family. Celie learned from a young age to close her mouth and take what was given to her – no matter how bad it was. Through letters to God, Celie tells the story of her life, the various people she meets, and how she changes through time.

It is very hard to describe this book without spoiling many of the events! This book easily became one of my favorites. There is a lot of sex and scenes some may consider graphic, but they are essential to making the story. I was rooting for Celie the entire book, and I was captivated by her story. This one is hard to put down. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5. There is a reason this is a well-known and vastly read novel!


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