Everything Leads To You by Nina LaCour

everythingleadstoyouIn honor of Pride Month, I wanted to add something different to my bookshelf. After taking a Young Adult Literature class last semester and writing a paper on the use of LGBT YAL in classrooms, I was excited to finally get a taste of it. This is why I chose to pick up LaCour’s novel whose main character is a lesbian high schooler. And as if the world could not be any more perfect, I am writing this review on the day that the United States Supreme Court ruled that the constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage! #LoveWins Now let’s get started.

Emi is an aspiring production designer who has just been given her brothers Los Angeles apartment for the summer. His only condition: something epic has to happen. While at an estate sale of a dead movie star, Emi and her best friend, Charlotte, discover a hidden letter that takes them on an adventure. Along the way, Emi finds out more than just answers. She finds love.

So, I have to be super honest. I am not in love with this book. I expected this to be more of a love story but it really focused more on the “mystery” aspect, which actually wasn’t that mysterious. If I must be blunt, it was dull. I’m usually a fast reader but I took my time with this one because it was hard to really get into it. I liked the characters and I knew where the plot was headed but it felt like the longest ride up hill. I think that someone who really enjoys movies or movie production would find this more interesting because it focuses A LOT on that. Overall, I have to rate this book a 3 our of 5. As in, it was alright. It is one of those books you get to the end and your like, “aw, that was cute.” But then a couple of months later you forgot you even read it. Tragic. Luckily, this novel doesn’t sway me from reading more LGBT books and I hope to find some better ones in the future.

Common Sense Media Rating: 14+ yrs

Flags: mild sexual references, mild drinking references